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Bionil – Antibacterial

Antibacterial makes solid product inhospitable to micro organisms, making them unable to grow and spread, to keep contact surface cleaner at all times. It is made from product that are safe and in compliance with worldwide safety and environmental standards such as BPD (Biocide Product Directive), FDA (Food Drug Application), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation USA)

Bionil – Volatile Organic Eliminator

Odor Removing Additives designed to remove unwanted Volatile Organic Compounds that cause smell and taste problem in plastics, coating and textiles. It is long lasting and high capacity. The target Volatile Organic Compounds are hydrogen chloride, olefin monomers, aromatics, ammonium nitrates, ketones and polycarboxylates ethers (PCE).


Economical and environmentally friendly rubber processing additive, Notack-94 (rubber processing additive)provides ease-to-use, non-whitening anti-tack suitable for all general rubber masterbatches and compound.

Rubber Chemicals

Our offerings of highly effective rubber curing agents and co-agents, namely Calcium Hydroxide, Tetrone A, DIAK No. 1, VC # 30, VC#50 and HVA-2 can enhance curing performance and achieving required mechanical properties for elastomers.

Viton FreeFlow™

Viton® FreeFlow™ process additives are uniquely designed to eliminate melt fracture, reduce die build up, and improve overall processing for polyolefin users and producers.